KRP3116 025 IEP Bearing Kit



Engine bearings have to withstand punishing loads and in today’s engines they have an especially difficult task. Smaller displacements, turbocharging and higher horsepower ratings mean crankshaft and connecting rod bearings are being subject to heavier loads. Manufacturers have developed and designed new bearing alloys and coatings that enable these components to survive. The connecting rod bearings take most of the load because of the reciprocating motion of the pistons and connecting rods. The load on the conrod bearings change with the crank angle and Rpm, and whether the cylinder is on its power stroke, compression stroke, intake stroke or exhaust stroke. The upper conrod bearings bear the heaviest loads during the power stroke when combustion pressure is ramming the piston and rod down hard against the crank. The lower rod bearing can also experience extreme G-forces and loading during the exhaust stroke.

Characteristics of good bearings

The ideal bearing provides a good combination of durability, fatigue resistance and Embedability. Durability means the bearing is strong enough to withstand the peak loads it experiences inside the engine. Fatigue resistance means the bearing will not flake or crack after millions of engine revolutions and combustion cycles. Embedability means any dirt or wear particles that find their way into the oil film between the bearing surface and crank journal will be pressed into the bearing surface rather than scoring the crank journal.

Benefits of using the KRP3116 025 IEP Bearing Kit

The bearing has been designed and manufactured from high quality materials especially to cope with the dire situation inside the engine. They not only have all the desired characteristics and attributes needed but are sized according to the engine to provide the longest possible operational lifespan. The bearing has further been designed to allow for adequate lubrication as this is one of the most common causes of bearing failure. Always replace bearing with the type and size specified by the manufacturer. A cheap bearing may fit but the strength and durability of the bearing may not allow it to hold up under extreme stress conditions. To order a KRP3116 025 IEP Bearing Kit, contact IEP Power Products today.

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