KRP3116 050 IEP Bearing Kit



A bearing is a device supporting a mechanical element and providing its movement relative to another element with a minimum loss of power. The rotating components of internal combustion engines are equipped with sleeve type sliding bearings. The reciprocating engine is characterised by cycling loading of their parts including the bearings. These loads are as a result of the immense forces in the internal combustion engine. Only sliding bearings provide the even distribution of the applied load over a relatively wide area and offer sufficient support to the rotating components. There are four different types of bearings in an internal combustion engine. These are the main crankshaft bearings, the connecting shaft bearings, also called the big end bearings, the small end bushes and the camshaft bearings.

Characteristics of engine bearings

Sliding bearings work by having different metals sliding over each other. This is enhanced by lubrication. The sliding friction is significantly reduced by the addition of a lubricant between the rubbing surfaces. Engine bearings are lubricated by motor oil when constantly supplied in sufficient amounts to the bearing surfaces. Lubricated friction is characterised by the presence of a thin film of pressurised lubricant between the surfaces of the bearing and journal. Engine bearings are referred to as hydrodynamic journal bearings operating with hydrodynamic lubrication. The bearing surface is separated from the journal surface by the lubricant film generated by the journal rotation.

Benefits of using the KRP3116 050 IEP Bearing Kit

The bearing kit has been designed by the engine manufacturer to suit the engine concerned. Each engine will have a different bearing kit which has been selected to operate efficiently in the engine. The bearing has to have the material strength to deliver millions of cycles without cracking or flaking and thereby causing engine failure. Tests are carried out by the manufacturer and new software can help them design the perfect bearing for prolonging the life of the engine. Only the recommended bearing, according to the manufacturer’s specifications, should be used. To order a KRP3116 050 IEP Bearing Kit, contact IEP Power Products today.

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