EvoTec Alternators

EvoTec Alternators

EvoTec alternators combine the best of both in German and Asian advanced science and technology innovation. EvoTec alternators are known to outdo their competitors in just about everything, from being more compact, shorter and lighter to their environmentally friendly processing and higher efficiency. All EvoTec products are:

  • IEC60034-1; IEC; GB755, BS4999-5000 and NEMA MG 1.22 compliant,
  • CE marking approved according to international standards,
  • And guarantee superior quality, durability and reliability.

EvoTec alternator specifications

EvoTec has 25 registered patents on the generator construction design, including large scale A.C. synchronous generators for land use, marine use, and high voltage applications. With power output ranging from 6.8 kW to 3 150 kW and voltage from 110 V to 13 800 V, EvoTec alternators are available for a vast range of applications. They offer a protection degree from IP21-IP57, and a frequency of 50Hz/60Hz in both single and double bearing configurations, making them suitable for assembly with all G-Drive engines. The rotor in all alternators is dynamically balanced with greater precision than required by the standard IEC 60034-14 or ISO2372, ensuring minimum levels of residual unbalance. EvoTec Power alternators also ensure a three phase short-circuit current over 3 times higher than the rated current. All generators are suitable for parallel operation with similar generators, when equipped with the parallel unit. Three mounting style options are normally supplied with EvoTec alternators, namely single bearing with coupling by means of flanges and a flexible disc, double bearing with coupling by means of a flange, and double bearing without flanges.

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