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Pros and Cons – Perkins genuine vs Generic parts

There are so many benefits to choosing Perkins genuine engine parts. Perkins Engines Company Limited paved the way in innovation of the diesel engine, creating a time-tested reputation for quality. Replacing a Perkins engine part with a generic part does not only do a disservice to the Perkins name, but significantly reduces the integrity of your Perkins engine.

A history of excellence with Perkins genuine engines

Before the Perkins genuine engine brand was established, diesel engines were heavy and slow. As powerful workhorses, these engines were lacking in performance. F. Perkins Limited was established in 1932 in Queen Street, Peterborough, by Frank Perkins and Charles Wallace Chapman. Their vision was to create a high-speed diesel engine that could challenge gasoline as the primary motive power. The same year that the company was founded, their first high-speed diesel engine debuted – the Perkins four cylinder Vixen. By 1935 Perkins became the first company to hold six world records for diesel speed at a variety of distances. Their popularity continued and by the end of World War II, Perkins had two successful series of engines, the P4 and P6, and they went public and began establishing licensees for local manufacture and sale. Today, they are known as Perkins Engines Company Limited and are a subsidiary of Caterpillar Inc. They have expanded their engine ranges throughout the years and today offer thousands of different engine specifications for diesel and gasoline engines. They primarily design and manufacture diesel engines for a variety of markets, including;

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Material handling
  • Power generation
  • Mining
  • Industrial

Don’t miss out on quality

The proud history of the Perkins name is testimony to why you should always choose a Perkins genuine engine part instead of generic parts. Firstly, an engine is most efficient when using all genuine parts from its manufacturer. Furthermore, Perkins engines are designed to last. This means that by simply replacing a worn-out part with a genuine Perkins part, you are extending the lifespan of your Perkins engine even further. The cost a genuine replacement part today is an investment for a long future of quality engine performance. Contact IEP Power Products today to shop for the Perkins genuine engine part you’re looking for.

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